How do Dental Implants Work

Do you have so many dental issues, you do not know where to begin to restore the health and beauty of your smile? Our team of specialists can give you the smile you have been dreaming about with a full mouth rehabilitation.

A full mouth rehabilitation involves restoring your upper and lower teeth to the brilliance they once held. You could require a variety of restorative procedures due to:

  • The need to replace missing teeth because of decay, gum disease, or injury
  • The need to restore or replace fractured teeth
  • The need to restore or replace teeth that have been severely worn down by an acidic diet or teeth grinding
  • The need to improve your bite or functioning of your jaw
  • The desire to cosmetically improve your smile

Get Your Smile Makeover In Gainesville, FL

There is no need to drive from office to office with costly consultation fees and repeat paperwork when Dr. Ada Parra and Dr. Justin Craighead have all the expertise you need in one friendly office. Before you undergo a full mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Craighead and Dr. Parra will make sure to review your medical history and complete a thorough examination to assess the following:

  • Condition of Your Teeth – Before your treatment can begin, any decay, cracks, or tooth structure damage will need to be evaluated.
  • Periodontal Health – Gum disease will need to be treated and controlled to ensure a healthy foundation for your new restorations.
  • TMJ Concerns – Occlusion and jaw joint issues will need to be addressed to protect your restorations from future damage.